Looking for a local agency that specializes in Telluride web design? We are the web design firm you have been looking for based in Telluride Colorado. Telluride Multimedia provides web design, web programming, marketing, print design, and photography. We also work with clients outside of the Telluride region.

Telluride Multimedia has designed and programmed over one hundred websites from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Why hire a web design firm, programmer, advertising agency, print designer and photographer? Telluride Multimedia can do it all, and provide the missing piece you've been searching for in your marketing puzzle.

2013 is starting off with a bang. I'm finishing up some projects for a few Telluride clients. ShopLuxWest.com is going to be an online retail store for LuxWest Interiors. Additionally, I'm working on websites for Brown Dog Pizza and Aemono Fine Foods. When these sites launch, I'll post the urls.

I completed web projects for some Telluride clients late 2012. LuxWest's new website has been launched (www.luxwestinteriors.com). I also concluded two website projects for attorney Rebekah Newman and 12 Trails Edge (www.rebekahnewmanlaw.com and www.12trailsedge.com). Additionally, I inherited Christ Presbyterian Church's PHP/Drupal website (http://www.christchurchtelluride.com) that I updated and made changes to.

For clients outside of Telluride I've completed couple projects. The handwritten card iPad app by Felt has been launched. I developed the web services gateway APIs in PHP, as well as a administration backend for card fulfillment.I finished up two websites for some Southern California clients. One is for a company that does wine consultation services (www.decantedforyou.com), and the other is a gym in Huntington Beach, California. (www.thecompound.com).

While I have a couple interesting projects that are brewing (possibly an iOS app). I'm looking for more projects after these are completed. Initial consultations are free. Ask about the specials I'm running heading into the off season!

Thoughtful Design

Telluride Multimedia specializes in website design. We take pride in our design abilities. Your site will not only exceed your expectations, but also live up to our high standards. We design many types of websites and have packages to meet everyone's needs--anything from a basic template, to a state-of-the-art interactive website.

One of the cornerstones of our design philosophy is that we match your current marketing collateral and design. We take your existing colors, fonts, and design elements, and incorporate them into your new design. This provides a consistent message to your customers or clients, and assures that your website fits your existing marketing.

Telluride Multimedia designs websites that leverage cutting edge technology, but keep in mind the ease of use for your visitors. Simplicity with an eye for detail and sophistication is typical of our site designs. Your design will be aesthetically pleasing with a high level of professionalism to meet your web marketing goals. We assure that you will be pleased the results, and have many happy clients.

Latest Technology

Telluride Multimedia implements the latest in Internet technology in each project. Designs are created in a way to allow users a high level of interactivity without clutter and confusion. Depending on your needs, our company leverages different technologies to get the job done right. Whether it's video, animation, or user interface, we have you covered.

Our firm utilizes cutting-edge, standards-based tools and programming available. Some of these tools include the jQuery JavaScript Library, AJAX, CSS, Adobe's Flash, HTML5, as well as others. If it's a hot "buzz" technology, we probably use it or are plan on using it in the near future.

Design Logos

We keep an eye toward where your design will be used to determine which suits your needs best. Which technology implemented, depends on who and where your design will be seen. We also insure your site is compatible with the major web browsers on OSX or Windows operating systems.

Design With SEO In Mind

Search Logos

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is one of the single most important ways for your site to be found. Telluride Multimedia knows how to create sites that maximize your search engine presence without sacrificing design aesthetics. While we believe that SEO is very important, we also know that ease of use, professionalism and beautiful design is what creates conversions.

We utilize guidelines set forth by Google, in addition Google's Webmaster Tools, to insure that your site meets or exceeds best search engine optimization practices. By complying with Google's rigorous standards, you are assured that it will meet other search engine guidelines as well.

Planning for well-executed SEO starts with a strong foundation in the design. Without this strong foundation, other optimizations will be less effective. It is also very difficult to go back "fix" a design that doesn't utilize best SEO practices.

Web Programming

The first step in determining your overall web application objectives is to discover what business problems custom web applications can solve within your company. Telluride Multimedia can analyze your organization's business processes, current resources, and existing architecture to develop a plan of action that will best meet those goals.

From there, Telluride Multimedia is able to build web applications that are customized to fit your business' needs. Just as a carpenter has more than one tool in their toolbox, we draw on multiple technologies to get the job done right. We also have experience in extracting and utilizing data from a myriad of resources: multiple database server platforms, legacy systems, and web services inside and outside your company.

In an effort to save time and money, a packaged application may suit your organization's needs. Our packaged solutions are prewritten apps that are not unique to your particular business. These applications have been already coded and can be deployed quickly as well as having a custom look and feel to fit your existing website.

Versatile Technology

Telluride Multimedia programs your application in the language that suits your organization. No one application programming language is the best tool for a particular job. We have the experience to realize what programming language will work best for any given situation.

Telluride Multimedia is proficient in all of the major programming languages. Whether you project requires ColdFusion, .NET, PHP, Java, Python, or Ruby, we can provide programming for your project. Our firm also utilizes the major application frameworks for these languages. Additionally, we can work with all database server platforms including Microsoft SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, as well as others.

Dev Logos

Does your company want to use or already invested a content management system? We can help customize Dupral, Joomla, Plone, Word Press, and Microsoft Share Point to better fit your organization's needs and objectives.

Hosting & IT Consulting

Telluride Multimedia can host your web application on our dedicated web servers. Our hosting includes all the maintenance and security administration so you do not have to worry about it. Hosting your website with Telluride Multimedia makes future maintenance and updates easy and cost effective.

We can work with your current IT staff and install the proper hardware and software to run your intranet, extranet, and web applications. We have experience in installing web servers, application servers, and database servers on multiple OS platforms. In addition, we can "tune" a server for its intended use to achieve maximum performance. Our company can train a current IT staff person in the basics of web application programming as well as the applications developed for you.

Our company can maintain the hardware and software it installs with a service agreement. Our staff can come on site or via remote VPN to keep all software up to date as well as any scheduled hardware maintenance. Your company will not have to dedicate IT resources to maintain new software and OSs.

Web Advertising & SEO

Telluride Multimedia can assist you with your web advertising including online media campaigns to cost per click campaigns. Our firm can create the artwork, plan your media, as well as buy your media for your online media campaign. We also can do the research, planning, and buying for cost per click campaigns.

We can create and develop online promotions that suit your needs. Telluride Multimedia will work with you on a full online promotional plan including planning, the design and programming of web assets, and advertising of your promotion.

Matching search engine optimization needs to your business. Not every company is the same, and therefore not every company has the same SEO needs. To be successful, you need to set goals for your SEO. We then develop a SEO plan to achieve those goals.

To understand what SEO strategy works best for you, Telluride Multimedia will conduct exhaustive through market research. Which customers are you trying to reach and how do they use the Internet? Determining this is vital to deciding which keywords to use and which marketing strategies are most likely to be a success.

Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of many companies online marketing. Telluride Multimedia has extensive experience in working with facebook fan pages, twitter, flickr, YouTube and blogs. We integrate the social networking into your existing website, marketing, advertising, and promotions. Our company looks to create a synergy with your social media and existing advertising and marketing.

Design Logos

Telluride Multimedia can handle all of your facebook, twitter, flickr and YouTube marketing. We can establish your facebook fan page, twitter, flickr YouTube accounts and maintain daily posts, and upload photos and videos. Additionally, we can help build the people that follow your social media pages through advertising, website integration, and promotions.

Our firm can create your blog with one of the popular blogging services and style it to match your website. The content of your blog can serve as a place to announce news regarding your business, and then be displayed on your website. We can also help you make daily blog posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Matching search engine optimization needs to your business. Not every company is the same, and therefore not every company has the same SEO needs. To be successful, you need to set goals for your SEO. We then develop a SEO plan to achieve those goals. All of our practices are tried and true, and do not utilize any any practices that may lead to your site being blacklisted.

To understand what SEO strategy works best for you, Telluride Multimedia will conduct exhaustive through market research. Which customers are you trying to reach and how do they use the Internet? Determining this is vital to deciding which keywords to use and which marketing strategies are most likely to be a success.

Telluride Multimedia will monitor the results of your web traffic to see what search terms work best for your organization and then work on terms that may not be doing too well. We will write all the content for your site to ensure that it is keyword heavy without raising a red flag to search engine indexing. We can also tweak your site design to help make your site more relevant.


Telluride Imagery is a stock photography website for all of your images needs in and around the Telluride region. We are quickly building a library covering nearly every subject imaginable: summer, scenic, skiing, lifestyle, mountain biking, fall, winter, Main Street, events and everything in between. There is something for every use.

The catalog of images is comprised of past and present Telluride photographers. A majority of the images comes from from photgraphers from the Telluride region. New images are being added on a regular basis from several area photographers to keep the imagery current and up-to-date.

The purchasing and downloading of images is made easy. Simply select the images you are interested in, add them to your cart, check out with your credit card, and then download them to your computer. The images are priced as royalty free and rights managed depending on the image. You can purchase photos any time day or night.

Do you need some artwork for your home or office? Prints can also be ordered with various sizes and framing options right from the website.

Assignment Photography

Telluride Imagery can also shoot custom photography assignments. If you need images that are specific to a particular marketing campaign, project, or for your business in general, Telluride Imagery can put together an entire photo shoot to meet your goals. Whether it's real estate, architecture, lifestyle, food, product, landscape or just about anything you can think up we can shoot it for you.

The process begins when we discuss your goals and what specific shots are needed. A shot list is developed from that discussion and bid is submitted. Depending on your budget, your shot list may be modified. Telluride Imagery will then produce the shoot by scouting locations, hiring the models, contracting additional production people, acquire all the equipment need, shoot the images, and then do all the post processing.

Telluride Imagery can also serve as an image consultant and photo editor on a long-term basis. We work with your art director to formulate a plan for your overall image and brand goals. Our firm will produce your photo shoots from beginning to end. We will handle all of the relationships with models, production staff, and additional photographers.

Video Production

Do you need video? Telluride Imagery can also shoot video too. Whether the video you need is for advertising, promotion, instruction, or testimonial, we can handle all the details from beginning to end of shooting a video for your company.

Telluride Imagery first establishes what your goals are for your video. After which we put together a comprehensive bid to fit your budget. Once the bid is accepted, we go about producing your video by storyboarding, scripting, location scouting, hiring talent and production people, acquiring all the equipment needed for your particular shoot, shooting the video, and do all the editing and post production. We can also convert the video for the web and host the video on our servers. Additionally, we can handle the mass replication of your video on DVD.

With the advent of DSLR camera capable of shooting video, Telluride Imagery can shoot video during your photo shoot. This approach saves both time and money due to sharing of similar resources.

Current & Former Clients

About Telluride Multimedia

Telluride Multimedia has been serving the web design and multimedia needs of Telluride since 1995. During this time the company has had many of Telluride's businesses as clients. We have built many strong and lasting relationships in the community. Telluride is our home, and we feel lucky to be a part of this amazing and wonderful place.

With our vast and extensive knowledge of Telluride and its community, your business can tap into this resource to help give it a competitive edge. Out of town web design and development firms won't have this knowledge. Also the synergy of Telluride Multimedia and TellurideImagery.com is unique and will allow you design and develop a website, provide content, and advertise your site with one company.

We feel that we have the design and programming expertise that you would find in larger markets. Other local web development firms in Telluride cannot compare with what Telluride Multimedia has to offer. Additionally, since we are local we are able to easily meet with you in person. With companies outside of Telluride meeting is not as easily arranged.

About Eric Moore

Eric Moore is the principle owner of Telluride Multimedia. He originally moved to Telluride in early 2000 and became a partner in Telluride Multimedia. After being with the company for two years, he left the organization to pursue other opportunities. Eric went on to start Telluride.net and continue freelancing. He again moved away from Telluride in 2005, but had plans to return.

In Southern California, Eric became a successful freelancer as well as the Senior Web Developer for the Fortune 500 Company St. John Knits in Irvine. At St. John he spearheaded a project to redesign and redevelop the company's intranet. Over a year's time the application Eric designed and programmed was an iGoogle like personalized portal. Additionally, he reorganized the company's internal web IT infrastructure.

In June of 2010, Eric moved back to start the Telluride Photo Festival and take over the operation of Telluride Multimedia. He has also manages and shoots for TellurideImagery.com. Eric enjoys being a part of such an amazing community, and looks forward to working with new and former clients in Telluride.

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